MAD DADS is an acronym: Men Against Destruction Defending Against Drugs and Social Disorder.

MAD DADS The Force Behind The Change

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Featured Chapters

Greater Pittsburgh Area MAD DADS

A Best Practice Chapter

Greater Pittsburgh Area MAD DADS (GPA MAD DADS) is a best practice Chapter of MAD DADS National.  The Chapter was certified to function by the national headquarters on May 6, 2006.  In 2007, the Chapter was presented with a Good Works award by the Concerned Citizens Community Creation Center (5C’s Corporation) of Pittsburgh. In 2008, the Community Empowerment Association of Pittsburgh gave GPA MAD DADS their Nation Building Award and the Wilkinsburg Boys and Girls Club presented their Community Organization of the Year Award to the Chapter.  In 2009, the Chapter President and his wife were designated Grand Marshals of the Wilkinsburg, PA Holiday Parade and the Chapter was recognized for its dedication and commitment to the community.

The Chapter has provided thousands of community volunteer hours and well as provided a tangible example of drug free, men and women who are community outreach specialists showing their collective concern for the youth and young adults of the Greater Pittsburgh area.

In addition to implementing MAD DADS signature program, neighborhood Street Patrols, GPA MAD DADS volunteers have served as chaperones and have been a visible presence at many community events.  In addition, they have given support to anti-violence initiatives in Allegheny County including but not limited to the following:

  • B-PEP One Hood Anti-Violence Coalition
  • Brother-to- Brother Leadership Forum
  • FBI Adopt A School Initiative
  • The Tree of Hope Peace Crusades
  • Wilkinsburg Weed & Seed.

The GPA MAD DADS  is a shining example of how a Chapter, starting off with the right technical assistance from MAD DADS National, can create the organizational infrastructure to be a viable community presence that grows with each year. Their effectiveness is as a result of a strong local Board of Directors and its Chairman Al Merritt and their highly effective Chapter President George C. Spenser, Sr.  Mr. Spencer’s professionalism and talents have been so prized that he was asked to join the MAD DADS National Board of Directors in 2009 and serves as their National Secretary.

In June 2011, the GPA MAD DADS will be celebrating their 5th Anniversary with a tribute to the one of MAD DADS’ founders, Bishop Robert Tyler.  A native son of Pittsburgh, Bishop Tyler was one of the three men who created the MAD DADS in Omaha, Nebraska in May 1989.

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