MAD DADS is an acronym: Men Against Destruction Defending Against Drugs and Social Disorder.

MAD DADS The Force Behind The Change

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The MAD DADS Organization…

MAD DADS is an acronym for Men Against Destruction-Defending Against Drugs and Social-Disorder. MAD DADS, INC. was founded in May of 1989 by a group of concerned Omaha, Nebraska parents who were fed up with gang violence and the unmolested flow of illegal drugs in our community.

We present ourselves as positive role models and concerned loving parents who are a visible presence in our neighborhoods against the negative forces destroying our children, our families and cities.  We started out of pain — the pain of our children dying in the streets of their own communities. We were — and still are — tired of looking into the eyes of hollow youth who lacked hope, and who had ceased to dream. We realized that we could hold no one responsible for this but ourselves: we allowed it to happen. So we united as a handful of community fathers who now know that WE MUST BE THE FORCE BEHIND THE CHANGE.

From a genesis of only 18 men in Omaha, MAD DADS has grown to over 75,000 men, women and children nationally, with 60 plus Chapters in 17 states.  Chapters have been started in the following states: Nebraska, Maryland, Iowa, Ohio, Texas, Colorado, Florida, Mississippi, New York, Tennessee, Illinois, California, Michigan, New Jersey, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. Some Chapters also have divisions of MOMS and KIDS.

The National Headquarters and the founding chapter was located in Omaha, Nebraska until 2002 when the national office was relocated to Jacksonville, Florida”  In January, 2011, the National Board of Directors moved the National headquarters  to Alexandria, Virginia.  In 2012, the National Board of Directors moved the National Headquarters to Minneapolis, Minnesota.

As the founding Chapter of community fathers and concerned men, the “Omaha Model”  provided the following activities as examples  for newly forming Chapters across the country and around the world:

  • Weekend Street Patrols within troubled areas that report crime, drug sales and other destructive activities to the proper authorities; painting over gang graffiti and challenging the behavior of drug dealers and gang members.
  • Positive Community Activities for youth, such as block parties, rallies, night parades and car shows.
  • Chaperon’s at community events and act as surrogate fathers to youth at non-traditional times and locations.
  • Visits to local jails and prisons to counsel and encourage.
  • Violence Reduction programs.
  • Speaking engagements.
  • A non-traditional, 12 week, Rites of Passage program called SANKOFA for boys and girls of any ethnicity, aged 6-25.
  • Street Patrols: MAD DADS’ signature program that is mandatory for every Chapter to locally develop and tailor to their local needs.


All Chapters must develop a positive program in addition to Street Patrol and are encouraged to create or replicate any of the following after doing a community assessment that MAD DADS National assists them with:

  • Drum Corps Program.
  • Halloween/Christmas programs.
  • Community block parties.
  • Sankofa – Rite of Passage Programs
  • Chaperon activities.
  • Youth/Gang outreach.
  • Mentoring/Counseling.
  • Home and Prison/Jail visits.
  • Gun Buy-Back Projects
  • Juvenile Diversion Programs.
  • Street Patrols.
  • Rites of Passage Programs.
  • Male-Chaperoned, Youth-Focused Activities.
  • Intercultural Youth Exchanges.
  • Youth Activity Programs.
  • After School Programs.
  • Youth-Oriented Radio Programs.
  • Mentoring Programs.
  • Operating Teen Centers.
  • Court Referrals.
  • Gun Buy-Back Programs.
  • Jail/Prison Visitations.
  • Community Presentations and Speaking Engagements.